Portada Sencillo Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell es el tercer sencillo del nuevo álbum de #Carlo #Loud

Heaven & Hell (Miel)

Letra Original: Erick Morales Colin
Adaptación al Inglés: Carlo Loud
Producida por: Lex Ojeda
Director: Marck A. Tovar
Management: Sergio Sierra


Your apathy and madness
Are my second chances
To find my redemption
From darkness and lights that turn me blind
In the final countdown
There’s no turning back
To feel regret and blame for all
That’s left behind
So let me be your very last lie
Your eyes were magical spells
Your mouth, oasis in hell
You were my most beloving karma
Heaven and Hell
But now I’m not your only one
No more condescension
I gave it all in compensation
I can’t find a way back to myself
I’m trapped in isolation
I’m burning and drowning
Your body is my prison cell
But it’s toxic and bad
I’ll escape from your veins.

©2021 NIA Records

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